When I needed to hire an attorney (my first experience) I was very hesitant, after seeing and hearing less than desirable things about the way lawyers are. It’s a well known fact there’s a stigma where lawyers are concerned. However, I was in dire need of retaining an attorney, so I did just that. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the lawyer I hired would not only calm my fears about attorneys in general, but actually change my view on them altogether. Carol Risk is NOTHING like any lawyer I’d ever seen in action. Right from the start, she had a wonderful bedside manner, which put me at ease within the first 30 seconds of our first meeting. Carol knows the law inside and out, which makes her a GREAT lawyer. She’s also very protective over and personable with her clients, which makes her an OUTSTANDING lawyer. I was very happy with the work she did for me in my previous case. So happy, in fact, I have hired her again for a current case. It’s a huge, messy nightmare of a divorce and custody case, but with Carol by my side, working with me, I can rest easy, knowing everything will be done that possibly can be for the best outcome possible. She cares, which sets her apart from any lawyer I’ve seen at work. Lawyers like Carol are very few and far between. That being said, if I should ever need legal counsel in the future, and for anyone I know or know of, needing such, Carol Risk will always be the ONE. In my opinion, there are no others. If you want a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the law, they’re all over the place. If you want a lawyer who is extremely knowledgeable AND personable, who makes you feel your case is not just her job to represent, but is actually important to her, Carol is definitely the attorney for you. I’ve seen the relationships (or should I say, lack thereof) between attorneys and their clients, and I must say there’s a lot left to be desired, typically speaking. Since hiring Carol, I’ve felt as though I have something special as far as my relationship with my lawyer goes. She almost feels like a friend. That’s how much she’s put into both cases I’ve hired her for. I’m not a person who’s financially blessed. In fact, I’m a single mom of two, counting pennies…but Carol is worth and deserving of every single one that’s owed to her. As I stated in my title for this review, she’s more than an attorney. She’s a confidant. She’s been my saving grace. Because of her, I have faith that there are genuinely good people in her field of work…not many, but Carol is definitely one of the few. I’ll never look anywhere else for legal counsel, and I will always refer anyone in need of legal counsel to her. I believe she will always give her clients the best experience possible, as she’s not only passionate about what she does…she’s passionate about people. Carol is a rare breed. I’ve raved about her long enough. See for yourself!!

Posted by Amy, a Family Client